farmermobil fm600

Mobile hen house for up to 900 laying hens

farmermobil STARTER-plus

Mobile hen house for up to 345 laying hens

farmermobil STARTER-max


Mobile hen house for up to 450 laying hens

farmermobil hm150


Mobiler Aufzuchtstall für bis zu 156 Masthähnchen

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Mobile hen house from the market leader

Welcome to farmermobil® – the leading manufacturer of mobile hen houses for laying hen husbandry and chicken rearing. As a medium-sized family business from the Münsterland region, we produce and distribute the mobile hen houses from our company location in Laer, Westphalia, all over the world.

Our company combines decades of experience in plant and vehicle construction with a series of innovations to a species-appropriate and fully automatic animal husbandry in the mobile house. In order to meet our demand for high quality, we produce the mobile hen house in our own production facility at our site in Laer. Our team consists of about 125 employees, who complete and deliver up to 10 mobile chicken houses per week on 28,000 m² of production and storage space.

In the further development of the mobile hen house, we value practical relevance and cooperation with our customers. Patents and utility models have been registered for a whole series of innovations that were conceived in the company’s own research and development department and further developed to market standard.

Our goal: The farmer should have time for the animals and animal welfare and not have to spend more time than necessary on „hen house work“.

The wishes of our customers are our incentive to bring further developments forward.


Mobile hen house with innovative technology

Mobile hen house for up to 450 laying hens in free-range farming. Labor-saving and animal friendly.

Learn more about the STARTER-max

Our mobile chicken coops

The advantages of the mobile chicken coop

Labor-saving operation

Every farmermobil® is controlled and operated fully automatically via an internal hen house computer. Due to the full automation of the mobile hen house, you save valuable working time.

Automatic light control
Automatic feeding chain
Automatic nest opening/locking
Automatic outdoor access flap openings
Electric droppings and egg collection belt

farmermobil stallcomputer touch mobilstall mobiler Hühnerstall hühnermobil mobile haltung

Hygiene sluice at the entrance

There is a spacious vestibule with an hygienic sluice at the entrance of the hen house that is inaccessible for the chickens.

Here you can take the eggs from the collecting belt, operate the hen house computer or store utensils. From the hygiene sluice you can reach the laying room of the chickens.

Hygiene sluice
Spacious vestibule
Comfortable egg collection

Easy relocation due to full mobility

Our hen house can easily and comfortably be moved by a tractor without a losing a lot of time. Every mobile hen house is equipped with a firmly built-in chassis. No parts have to be unscrewed to move the hen house.

Couple the tractor, raise the support legs, move!

Easy relocation with a tractor
25 km/h road approval for STARTER-plus
6 km/h raod approval for STARTER-max

farmermobil fm-Serie fm600 Mobilstall Mobiler Hühnerstall Hühnermobil Autark

Fully equipped with a lot of free space for your chickens

Our mobile hen house is equipped with an aviary in the interior, which allows the chickens to live out their natural behavior without restriction. On three levels, the chickens have perches, drinking troughs, feed lines and laying nests at their disposal. In the spacious and bright laying room, the chickens can peck and scratch until the outdoor runs open.

Spacious laying room
Perches, nipple drinkers, feeding lines and laying nests

Comfortable removal of manure via the electric manure belt

Remove manure from the mobile hen house comfortably via the circulating, electric manure belts and save yourself laborious manual work. For manure removal, open the rear doors of the mobile hen house, place your front loader shovel under the rear and activate the manure belts via a switch.

Open door, place front loader, remove manure by pressing button!

Manure removal via electric manure belts
Save laborious manual work
Good hen house conditions due to regular manure removal

farmermobil fm-Serie fm600 Mobilstall Mobiler Hühnerstall Hühnermobil Autark eierband eientnahme eiersammelband kippbodennester abrollnester

Rolling nests with electric egg belt

Our mobile hen houses are equipped with family laying nests. Due to the natural slope of the nest floors, the eggs roll immediately after laying onto the subsequent egg belt.

On the egg, belt the eggs lie protected from dirt and pecking of the chickens until they are taken out in the vestibule. Via the electric egg collection belt, you can transport the eggs to the hygiene sluice in the entrance area at the push of a button.

The tilting floors of the roll-off nests are automatically controlled to lock the nest after the laying phase.

Rolling nests with natural slope
Egg collecting belt with electric operation
Egg collection in separate anteroom
Automatic nest locking via tilting floors

Innovations in animal welfare

Self-sufficient operation

farmermobil GmbH: Hühnermobil fm1300 Mobilstall vollautomatisch autark starter-plus starter-max Mobiler Hühnerstall von farmermobil GmbH aus Laer

All farmermobil® mobile housing systems are especially constructed and fully equipped to enable self-sufficient operation. Storage tanks in the vehicle supply feed and water thanks to their construction and equipment. Each mobile housing runs on 24V. Batteries in the vehicle supply the power for the lighting, for the automatic opening and closing of the outdoor access flaps and tilting floor nests, and for operating the ventilation and feeding equipment. They are charged by 230V or, alternatively, via a photovoltaic system. All All farmermobil® mobile units are provided with a World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) and some units can be licensed for road use as trailers.

Complete solutions

farmermobil aus Laer farmermobil GmbH: mobiler Hühnerstall mobilstall hühnermobil Auslaufklappen automatisch autark fm600 fm1000 fm1300 Laufachsen auf den vollautomatischen Hühner Eierband von farmermobil aus Laer Ein Trecker hat den fm600 angedockt, auf einer großen Weide

With our delivery the farmermobil® barns are immediately ready for use since they are delivered completely assembled. Its own state-of-the-art computer operates each mobile housing system fully automatically. For the safety of your birds the computer automatically sends a text message to the farmer’s phone. Alternatively, the mobile unit can also be monitored and controlled via a WLAN. The mobile housing system offers benefits to both its human and animal users! The high degree of automation gives farmers more time to devote to their animals and to optimise animal welfare. And after all, it’s only healthy and happy birds can be raised properly from day old chicks to an adult bird, to lay optimum quality eggs or grow to a proper boiler.

Animal Welfare

farmermobil GmbH: Hühnermobil fm1300 Mobilstall vollautomatisch autark Ein glückliches Huhn auf der Weide, dank farmermobil GmbH / vollautomatische Hühnerstall

The farmermobil® mobile poultry housing systems offer completely new options for animal welfare to both newcomers to the sector as well as experienced poultry farmers. Our mobile barns for rearing birds, laying hens and broiler offers unique advantages over conventional free-range houses. Since they are constructed as real vehicles, the housing systems are fully mobile, making them easy to move and flexible to use. Consequently, the existing grazing areas can be used optimally and the excessive input of nutrients via the manure into the soil can be avoided. All of this contributes to higher levels of hygiene and animal health.

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