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Chicken farming is a complex topic.Whether it’s about the different forms of husbandry, compliance with egg standards or the direct marketing of products from your farm. In this farmerblog, we take an in-depth look at all these multifaceted aspects of poultry farming.

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What is a mobile chicken coop?

Happy chickens scratching around outside, pecking for worms and grains, laying eggs happily and contentedly in between, leaving no parasites or nitrate contamination in their environment – an idea that makes chicken farmers and consumers

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How is a mobile poultry house delivered?

Mobile poultry farming is becoming increasingly popular, and not just among farmers. Awareness of species-appropriate animal husbandry is also growing among end customers. A mobile poultry house offers the ideal conditions for this.

There are

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Have you read the whole blog and would now like to find out more about the mobile henhouse concept? Happy chickens scratching in the open air, pecking for worms and grains, laying eggs happily and contentedly in between, leaving neither parasites nor selective nitrate input in their environment? an idea that makes chicken farmers and consumers alike happy.

A mobile barn makes it possible.


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Fiefhaus farm

We started with two chickens in a self-built coop and now have three STARTER-max. The high level of automation also makes it possible to run the business as a sideline. In addition to the eggs, we market our own pork, a field of flowers to cut yourself and other regional products.

Hof Stratmann

Direct Marketer

We are more than satisfied with our farmermobil fm600. The technology makes daily operations run smoothly and also offers consumers transparency in terms of animal husbandry and food production.

Erlebnishof Schmid

Direct Marketer

The STARTER-plus combines animal-friendly and labor-efficient mobile housing with compact dimensions. This means that even relatively small spaces can be reached and used with the hen house.


Still not sure which mobile house is right for you from our chicken blog? When deciding on a mobile hen house, we recommend that you make sure it is fully automated, as this gives you more time to concentrate on marketing and the welfare of your animals. It also allows you to run a mobile henhouse as a sideline.