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How is a mobile poultry house delivered?

Mobile poultry farming is becoming increasingly popular, and not just among farmers. Awareness of species-appropriate animal husbandry is also growing among end customers. A mobile poultry house offers the ideal conditions for this. There are fully mobile and semi-mobile mobile coops, which of course also differ in size. The costs and effort involved in delivering the mobile hen house also vary depending on the size. Some mobile hen house systems are delivered ready-made, while others require further assembly work on site before they are ready for use.
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Terms of delivery: ex works or free domicile?

The terms of delivery are agreed with the manufacturer when a mobile poultry house is ordered. You have two options: Either the delivery of a mobile poultry house is free of charge, i.e. it is organised by the manufacturer, or he takes care of it himself.

The manufacturer usually works with regular haulage partners who already have experience in transporting mobile barns. If the buyer decides against this option, he must organise the transport himself. The transport is then usually carried out by a haulage company selected and commissioned by the buyer.

When purchasing a roadworthy and fully mobile stable, the buyer also has the option of collecting their stable with their own tractor and transporting it to their farm in this way. However, this form of delivery is only suitable if the distance to the buyer’s farm is not too far.

The delivery of small mobile poultry houses

We refer to mobile poultry houses that consist of a single module as small mobile houses. They are usually transported on a low loader.

In the case of small mobile henhouses, the delivery differs between a mobile henhouse that is delivered complete and one that is delivered in parts. The difference is that the delivered mobile hen house is ready for use immediately after unloading and the unfinished mobile hen house still needs to be assembled on site.

The time required for delivery also depends on whether the mobile poultry house is fully mobile or partially mobile. A fully mobile coop can be driven off the low-loader with a tractor and straight onto a field. Semi-mobile barns, on the other hand, often have to be assembled on site before they can be driven from the low-loader onto a field.

We recommend that you buy a fully mobile stable that is delivered ready to use.

This saves you a lot of work and time right from the delivery stage. The small mobile stables include the two stables in the STARTER series from farmermobil, the STARTER-plus and the STARTER-max.

Both mobile stables are delivered ready-made, fully mobile and therefore ready for immediate use. They are also roadworthy and can be collected directly from the manufacturer.

Take a look at our video of the delivery of a STARTER-max for a closer look at the delivery.

The delivery of large mobile poultry houses

Large mobile barns are usually delivered in several parts and, unlike small barns, still have to be put into operation on site. Several low-loaders are used to transport them.

As with the small stables, the large mobile stables are also available in different versions. On the one hand, there are large mobile stables that are delivered in ready-made modules. These modules only need to be assembled when they are unloaded and then put into operation. They are ready for use within a few hours of arrival. Other large mobile barns consist of individual components that need to be further assembled on site. The difference in delivery is that these large mobile barns have to be further processed after unloading. This takes considerably more time and can also lead to higher costs.

To avoid this, we recommend that you choose a large mobile barn that is fully mobile and delivered in ready-made modules. The three stable systems in the fm series from farmermobil are among the large mobile stables.

Thanks to the modular design of the fm series, the side sections and the centre section can be transported separately. On site, the side sections are then simply hooked into the centre section and the mobile barn can be put into operation. It takes approx. 2-6 hours to set up the large farmermobil barns on site.

Sieh Dir auch gerne unser Video an, um zu sehen, wie unsere fm-Serie in Betrieb genommen wird.

The transport costs of a mobile poultry house

The costs for the delivery of a mobile henhouse cannot be generalised. They depend on the size of the mobile chicken coop, the resulting number of lorries required for transport and the distance from the manufacturer to the destination.

We advise you to contact the manufacturer in this regard. The manufacturers usually have regular transport partners who are already very familiar with the transport of the mobile barns.

This avoids problems during transport and ensures that your new mobile stable arrives safely.


There are some differences in the delivery of mobile hen houses. It is advisable to contact the manufacturer in advance to find out what you can expect on delivery.

We recommend that you choose a mobile hen house where delivery is uncomplicated and the mobile hen house is ready for use quickly. This will save you time and money.

The STARTER models from farmermobil are therefore particularly recommended, as they are ready for use immediately after unloading and are supplied as a mobile trailer. They are fully mobile and do not need to be further processed after unloading.

If you are looking for a large mobile barn for 600 to 2000 laying hens, we can recommend the fm series from farmermobil.

The mobile poultry houses in the fm series are supplied in ready-made modules that only need to be hung together on site. All three mobile chicken coops in the fm series are fully mobile and ready for use within 2-6 hours.

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