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Designed for farmers and animals. Our technology that is used has been specially developed for the self-sufficient and fully automatic operation of the mobile hen house.

A farmermobil is not just a mobile hen house. The combination of our own vehicle development and our own aviary make a farmermobil something very special!

We can draw on many years of experience in hen house and vehicle construction and therefore always put new ideas from practice directly into practice.


farmermobil combines decades of experience in plant and vehicle construction with a series of innovations for species-appropriate and fully automatic animal husbandry in mobile hen houses.

In order to meet our demand for high quality, we produce the chicken mobile in-house at our location in Laer, Germany. Each mobile hen house is designed as a vehicle with a permanently installed chassis and can be moved fully mobile. With our own development department, we redesign our chassis continuously and when changes occur, and can thus guarantee early adjustments. Some of our mobile hen houses are also roadworthy thanks to the appropriate chassis (road approval in Germany on request) and can be transported to areas further away from the farm. Despite the heavy load, even the large mobile hen houses can be easily transported from A to B with the right chassis and concentrated nitrates application damage can be avoided.




The water tank is located in the front part of the mobile hen house. From the water tank, water is conveyed to the drinking line under constant, adjustable pressure by means of a domestic waterworks. This pressure also enables flushing of the drinking line. The feed from the internal feed silo is conveyed through the stable with a feed chain. You can easily fill the feed silo from the outside. The entire feeding is computer-controlled at definable times. The feed line reaches the entire hen house and ensures that laying hens are fed easily and in a way that is easy to control.


In addition to staying in your spacious farmermobil, your chickens will also enjoy the fresh air after they have escaped outside via the rain-proof outlet flaps.

The flaps open and close automatically every day at definable times and are designed in such a way that they do not touch the floor when opening. On extreme slopes, these can be readjusted at any time.

To ensure that the air in the hen house is pleasant at all times, your mobile hen house ventilates itself several times a day and can be additionally ventilated through ventilation flaps, windows and doors.


In every farmermobil hen house you will find a manure belt that runs all the way around for easy manure removal, in duplicate on 2 floors and saves you tedious manual work.

To remove manure, you simply open the rear doors, place a suitable trough under the rear and activate the manure belts using the switch. There is also a scraper at the end of the manure belt so that as few residues as possible are fed back into the stable. Regular manure removal ensures a good stable climate.



Regardless of the size of the system, every mobile hen house from farmermobil is equipped almost identically and can be easily moved thanks to its full mobility.

Labor saving. Species-appropriate. Self-sufficient.


A STARTER mobile hen house offers the same technical options as a hen house from the fm series. From the automation via a stable computer, the self-sufficient operation via storage containers and a photovoltaic system, to the electrical manure removal of the manure belts. The mobile hen houses of the STARTER series are complete systems that are delivered ready to use and give farmers the perfect start into animal-friendly and economical poultry farming. They are ready to use immediately, so the laying hens can move into their new homes shortly after delivery. This saves you a long and costly set-up time.



The labor-saving mobile hen house with a high degree of automation. Benefit from the modern and reliable technology in the farmermobil and enjoy the easy manageability. Labor-saving. Automatic. Species-appropriate.

MODULAR Construction

In order to ensure quick mobility of the mobile hen house, scratching areas are simply attached to both sides of the middle section. Equipped with a solid floor, the scratching areas are now floating on the middle part.

The covers of the nests, as well as the access doors to the inside of the stall and the scratching areas for the animals are in the side boxes.

To move to a more distant area, you can now unhook the side parts after destalling. This means that you can safely transport the middle part and the side parts to the new area without any problems and easily hang them up again with a forklift.