The STARTERs are now equipped with lateral outlet flaps

THE STARTER SERIES WITH LATERAL OUTLET FLAPS AS STANDARD EQUIPMENT Previously, mobile hen houses of our STARTER series were equipped with floor outlet flaps. We only offered the lateral outlet flaps as an option. Lateral outlet flaps offer a number of advantages. Now the time has come: The STARTERs are now equipped with lateral outlet […]

farmermobil enables operation via mobile devices

Completely new times are dawning with the new Internet- and mobile-capable router from Welotec GmbH in Laer. In the fm series of farmermobil, the Siemens S7 control system with a 9-inch touch display has proven itself. Light, feeding, nests, outlet openings, ventilation, manure and egg collection belts are controlled via a central graphic-oriented menu. The […]

farmermobils first Special Edition

Nothing is impossible! A mobile stable does not always have to be plain, right? We make everything possible! So also this customer request: A pink STARTER – plus. A real eye-catcher and so also a special way to make customers aware of the mobile stable!