The future of your farm!

Buy your mobile hen house, buy laying hens, earn money

Delivered fully ready for your hens

Highly Automated to reduce labour

Up to 60% grant funding available

Start selling eggs after 3 weeks

What is a mobile hen house?

A mobile hen house is a fully equipped chicken coop on wheels, which is designed to be moved at regular intervals so hens can have access to fresh pasture at all times. There’s no need for planning permission and it is ready for hens immediately as it is delivered ready-to-use. Once you place your laying hens in the farmermobil mobile hen house, you only have to wait 3 weeks to sell your first eggs and start making money!

Proven quality

Our mobile systems are manufactured in Germany and meet the highest modern standards of animal welfare.

Confirmed KAT conformity

Complies with the EU Organic Regulation

Animal welfare seal in Austria

How does a mobile hen house earn money?

Local food is in demand. Modern customers are willing to pay a premium for local and sustainable products. If you sell the eggs direct-to-customers from your farm, all the proceeds end up in your pocket. Most mobile hen houses also require a lot of work, so keeping the workload as low as possible is very important to make your enterprise a success. In a farmermobil, this is achieved through automation technology, which relieves you of a large part of the work in the hen house. This is not only good for you, but also for your laying hens.

Low investment risk

Mobile systems are the perfect way to get started with poultry.

By being smaller and more flexible than fixed buildings, they reduce the financial risk – because unlike a building, you can sell a mobile hen house at any time.

Delivered ready to use

You do not have to waste time and effort building a mobile hen house yourself which may not meet the modern standards for egg production! When you buy a farmermobil, it is delivered ready-to-use and fully compliant! This means you don’t have to worry about regulations and can concentrate on selling eggs.



for up to 450 laying hens


for up to 2000 laying hens


for up to 430 broilers


Three simple steps to the farm of the future


2. Get advice from a local farmermobil agent

3. Start your pastured poultry enterprise


Welcome to farmermobil® – the leading manufacturer of mobile hen houses. As a medium-sized family business from the Münsterland region in Germany, we produce and distribute the mobile hen houses from our company headquarters in Laer,
Westphalia, all over the world.

Our company combines decades of experience in the automotive industry with a series of innovative, species-appropriate and fully automated animal husbandry systems to bring you our mobile hen houses. In order to meet our demand for high quality, we produce the mobile hen houses in our own production facilities at our site in Laer. Our team consists of about 125 employees, who can complete and deliver up to 10 mobile chicken houses per week using 28,000 m² of production and storage space.

We use relevant practical experience, along with cooperation and feedback from our loyal customers to further develop the mobile hen houses of the future. Patents and utility models have been registered for a whole series of innovations that are conceived in the company’s own research and development department and further developed to market standard.

Our goal: To minimise unnecessary labour in the hen house, giving the farmer more time to concentrate on animal welfare and the building their pastured poultry enterprise.

The needs of our customers drive us to bring forward further developments.

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