farmermobil fm600

Mobile hen house for up to 900 laying hens

farmermobil STARTER-plus

Mobile hen house for up to 345 laying hens

farmermobil STARTER-max


Mobile hen house for up to 450 laying hens

farmermobil hm150


Mobiler Aufzuchtstall für bis zu 156 Masthähnchen

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Our technology

The technology used in the hen houses from farmermobil® is specially developed for the autarkic and fully automatic operation of the mobile hen house.

Egg conveyor belt

The egg belt runs transversely behind the tilting floor nests and enables easy collection of the eggs. It is used to transport the laid eggs clean and intact to the egg collection room. The eggs are transported from the egg belt to a collection table and can be easily packed in a separate egg collection room. The egg belt can be operated electrically, with the push of a button the eggs are transported to the egg room.

Manure belt drive

Each housing system has a dual circulating manure belt for easy waste removal on two floors. The rear doors can be opened and the manure drive can be operated electrically to remove the manure from the belt by depositing it into a front loader bucket. There is also a scraper at the end of the manure belt so that as little residue as possible is taken back into the housing system.

Tilting floor nests

The opening and closing of the nests is timed and automatic. In the morning, the nest floors lower to allow eggs to be laid. The slight inclination of the grid floor allows eggs laid in front of the nest to roll through the nest, onto the egg belt. To prevent animals from sleeping in the nests, the floors fold up at an adjustable time in the evening.

Outlet flaps

Every day, the rain-proof exit flaps open and close automatically at predefined times. The outlet flaps are designed so that they do not touch the ground when opening. In case of extreme slope, they can be readjusted at any time.

Water supply system

From the water tank, which is located in the front part of the mobile, water is supplied under constant pressure to the nipple lines by means of an internal waterworks. The waterworks enables the nipple line to be rinsed.

Feed line

The feed from the internal feed silo is conveyed through the hen house by a feed chain. All feeding is computer-controlled at fixed times. The feed line reaches the entire hen house and ensures simple and easily controlled feeding of the layers.

Our technology: reliable and superior.

farmermobil - the innovative mobile hen house

Running axles

Every mobile hen house from farmermobil® is designed as a vehicle with running axles. This means that they can be easily moved and thus used flexibly. The drawbar makes it easy to couple the mobile hen houses behind a tractor and move them. The optional road approval for the “STARTER-plus and STARTER-max” makes flexible use possible even on distant areas.

Support stands

Each mobile hen house of the “fm-series” is equipped with 4 hydraulically and individually controllable support stands, so that even slopes can be compensated.

This allows the hen house to be aligned and used very flexibly.

Battery supply

Each farmermobil® hen house is powered by 24V from batteries. The batteries are charged through a 230V connection, so there are no spikes in the supply cable to the hen house. The batteries allow the mobile hen house to be operated without a power source, for up to one day. Optionally, the batteries can be charged with a photovoltaic system to enable an autarkic operation.

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