The world’s first mobile Bruderhahn nursery

Unique in the world and the first of its kind – we are proud to present you our latest Mobilstall innovation:

The farmermobil Bruderhahn-Aufzuchtmobilstall has been specially developed for the welfare of broiler cocks. With plenty of space in the mobile stable and a large green spout, the Bruderhahn should be offered the opportunity to live out its natural behavior. The end result of months of planning and development – a unique stall concept for the Bruderhahn breeding that does not exist yet.

farmermobil® remains true to its line with the new Bruderhahn mobile home barn – because even the latest Mobilstall innovation is a fully mobile and fully automated barn system that can be operated independently. In addition to the ventilation and feeding technology as well as the lighting, the stable computer also controls the newly developed outlet openings. For the brother cocks, it goes over the outlet openings, first in the adjoining conservatories, which stand as Scharraum with bottom plate next to the mobile stall. The power supply in the barn is provided by batteries, which are charged via a 230V connection / photovoltaic system. As a result, all the technology in the mobile stall runs on 24V.

The technical highlight: The automatic fault message – in the event of a fault, the Bruderhahn mobile shed automatically sends an SMS message to the stables operator’s telephone. Thus, the stable operator has at any time of day the certainty that the brother cocks are well taken care of. The computer control replaces annoying manual work and saves valuable time and high labor costs. This gives the farmer more time to take care of the animal welfare.

On the basis of the farmermobil fm1300, a completely new stable system was developed, which is adapted to the needs of the Bruderhähne. The newly designed interior offers the brother taps the optimal living space. In large and light-filled scratching rooms, the brother taps find sufficient food and water, which can be reached via the height-adjustable feed and water lines. Furthermore, the brother taps can scratch in the new mobile stall on a plastic floor used for the first time. As a retreat is the brother taps a level with floor grates and perches available, which is equipped below with a circumferential manure belt for easy manure removal. Especially for self-sufficient operation, the Bruderhahn mobile house is equipped with an internal water tank and a feed silo. Another highlight in the new mobile stall: a hygiene sluice integrated in the barn, which offers enough space with 6m².

The Bruderhahn-Aufzuchtmobilstall is equipped with a fixed chassis, which makes the mobile stable fully mobile and flexible. Due to the ease of moving, pastures can be changed regularly, allowing the broiler cocks to always graze on fresh grass, making optimum use of the pasture and avoiding excessive nutrient input into the soil.

We are pleased to be able to publish another innovative barn system with the mobile Bruderhahn nursery and thus be able to contribute to this species-appropriate and future-oriented husbandry.

About the Brothers Rooster: The rooster of the laying hen breeding is called. The brother cock is not an original cock, which attaches a lot of meat to the mast. Since a laying hen cock during the four times as long rearing but needs much more food than a broiler, they have so far been sorted out for economic reasons, killed and fed to other animals. The Bruderhahn initiative is committed to the breeding of these male chicks.

farmermobil Bruderhahn-Aufzuchtmobilstall Bruderhahn Mobilstall Bruderhähne farmermobil Bruderhahn-Aufzuchtmobilstall Bruderhahn Mobilstall Bruderhähne farmermobil Bruderhahn-Aufzuchtmobilstall Bruderhahn Mobilstall Bruderhähne

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