“The new housing system makes our job much easier” – the new, modern and mobile housing system

The mobile housing system is not only financially worthwhile for farmer Thomas Häusermann from Eppenberg. It also facilitates his work.

They sit on their poles, flutter from floor to floor, diligently laying eggs or pecking around on the meadow in the ground. 325 chickens and three roosters are housed in the new mobile housing system by farmer Thomas Häusermann in Eppenberg. A week ago, the new chickens and roosters moved into their mobile home on the meadow next to the fruit trees of the Häusermann family.

For 14 days they have to wait in the chicken yard and the small front yard, which is about nine meters long and two and a half meters wide. Hausermann: “You have to get used to the new stable first. Then they are allowed to move freely between the stable and the meadow. “An animal-friendly attitude of his chickens is important to him. They should have run out and not be penned in a tight stable.

The farmer had started in 2009 with the keeping of chickens. 60 pieces lived with him then. Over the years, the number steadily increased. There are now 475 chickens in total. “That was too many for our three little stables next to our house. Our farm is located in the middle of town, so we were too narrow, “reports Häusermann …

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