Latest technology in mobile housing system at Linderskamp’s farm

Saerbeck – “Free-range eggs of happy chickens” – with such a banner attracts attention about 500 meters after the village exit sign from Saerbeck since mid-May a “chicken mobile” on Linderskamp’s yard on the eyes. From the outside of the car – apart from the lettering – inconspicuous, but behind it hides a real innovation.

The chicken mobile not only makes it possible to “walk the green field”, it also runs fully automatic in most aspects that otherwise bring the attitude of chickens: The light turns on and off by itself, the flap for the way the outside opens and closes automatically, the ventilation regulates itself and the farmer hardly has to worry about feeding. All this is done through a complex computer control.

For example, they are in the stable at night, where they have better orientation through the evening light than outside. In the shelter of wild animals they can eat there, sleep and drink, until the flap opens again the next morning. In the field marked with a fence then usually green grass is waiting for the animals.

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